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Weekends are for channeling the Eames' - 15% off at Modern Commissary Labor Day Weekend

Some weekends are all work work work. Other weekends are for smoking and riding the motorcycle. We don't own an motorcycle nor smoke a pipe but this Labor Day weekend we will be doing what we want. We recommend you do the same! If we get to 200 "likes" on Facebook we will be having a give away on Tuesday.

In the mean time we will be having  a sale this weekend, 15% of any and all orders through Monday. Enter the code LABORDAYFUN2012 on .

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It does not always have to be so serious

Life is serious. Jobs and children and bills and illness and the list goes on and on. I am a pile of worry on top of worry and on a good day my to do list has less then 100 items. That is life but not all things have to be this way. Some things can just be fun. My closet is  75 shades of gray but I have been trying to channel my inner 15 year old by infusing with color. You know the person that buys as much orange clothing as possible even though it does not go with anything else you own and you can't wear it to work.

This summer I have challenged myself to lighten up. Not every piece of clothing has to be appropriate for a funeral. I drank the bright color pants kool-aid.

Gap jeans yellow pants-2

I own these. I wear this and I now own a pair of flip flops that are the same color. But bright colors are nothing new..hello Vogue.

Vintage Vogue

Fun does not have to stay in your wardrobe! I'm gonna bring this blog post home (pun intended).

Accents can change a space. New lamps, pillows, throws, art, or slip covers.

Not every piece that you buy needs to be an heirloom or something that you are going to use all year long.

I love this nautical flag. Its such a statement piece and would look awesome as a window covering, as a summer time "throw" over a basic sofa, hanging on a porch to block so sun.  It's on sale for $100, what a deal:-)

How about just a pop of color on the table?

Think about some of the most recognizable artist...its not always serious and is almost always colorful.

Andy Warhol

Milton Glaser

  Pair Persimmon & Magenta Italian Lounge Chairs

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Steamer Trunks

Have you noticed steamer trunks popping up here there and every where? They are so multi purpose! Coffee table that doubles as storage for extra blankets or board games, end of bed bench to keep the extra sets of sheets, perfect hiding spot for a game of hide and seek. I have been seeing vintage suit cases that are mounted to the wall for bar storage or with a pet bed tucked inside for a chic spot for fluffy to curl up. Growing up my mother always used steamer trunks in her bedroom. She used them for both her and my fathers bed side tables and had a large one full of goodies at the end of her bed. I loved when she would open that one. It had linens from my great grandmother and her mirror and brush set as well as other odds and ends that she could not part with but did not need under foot.

Not too long ago we happened upon an estate sale that had lots of good ones and Have been enjoying them around the house. These made the journey from Shanghai to California. When we purchased them the family had to shuffle out wedding dresses, table linens, dolls, and all the other goodies that can accumulate over the years. We are so excited to have them for sale on our site but will have a little bit of sadness when I pack them up to ship to their new home.

WWII Trunk

Early 1900's trunk

Samsonite Suitcase

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Does it get better then Serge Mouille? No, but we can try.

Earlier this week I was looking at New York City base photographer Emily Johnston Anderson Instagram photo's and saw this.

It is such a dreamy photograph, as are all of her interior shots, and made me a little sad that Surge Mouille is just not in my price range, not even a little. When I emailed her to see if she minded I used her image she gave me the news that is light is from West Elm (insert grin here, West Elm is in my budget).

I’m loving the resurgence of Serge Mouille. He is a brilliant french lighting designer from the 50’s that got his start at 15 while studying with Gabriel Lacroix . By the age of 30 he was already the director of silversmithing at the School of Applied Arts in Paris.  Brilliant.

His simple lines, truth in materials, and focus on craftsmanship was revolutionary. Seeing his lighting in current homes is such a reminder that great design is timeless. I try to imagine him working in Paris in the 50’s (in my mind he is day drinking, smoking cigarettes and is wearing a very dapper suit) designing something in response to the overly fussy lighting of the time and if at that time he could imagine his lights being sold in 2012 and looking so current.

I would love to show you images of my home with these beautiful lights but at this point they are out of my price range, sigh. As a want to be collector I believe that buying the licensed versions of things is a good investment and for the most part you get what you pay for and worth saving for. You can buy vintage Serge Mouille pieces through many antiques dealers. A search on 1st Dibs will bring up around 50 beautiful lights.

You could buy this pair of stunning wall sconces from the 50’s for $12,000 from Modern Times in Chicago .

If that is out of your budget perhaps buying the licensed edition from Gueridon in Brooklyn. They carry the same design as the original but they are being made current day and a pair will only run $4,100.

That brings us to knock offs. This grey area is a bit of an ethical slippery slope. My personal thoughts, at this point even the $4100 price tag is out of my budget so I am in the market for lighting that is MUCH less but perhaps the designers were influenced by Serge Mouille. I will continue to save my pennies for a stunning vintage piece or save a few less pennies for a licensed re-edition. My line is in the naming, if a company that is not selling a vintage piece or is not selling a licensed re-edition but still is calling it a Serge Mouille then this is not a company that I want to give my money to. I am not in the market for a Prado purse or a Surge Moille light.

So these lights remind me of the designs of Serge Mouille and are perhaps a little more in my current budget.

West Elm Finn Chandelier - on sale for $199.99

Design Public- &Tradition BH2 Spinning Pendant Lamp in Black $590

Design House Stockholm Manana Lamp $229

I recommend reading the Serge Mouille site for a more in depth look into his life and his work and double recommend looking at Emily's photography. Her photographs speak for themselves as to how talented she is and to really add insult to injury she could not be any kinder.

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Dressing up the walls

My home has no artwork on the walls. It is not for a lack of art, I went to an arts college so I am overflowing with art. When we moved in 4 years ago I did not hang anything because I was going to paint. I finally painted 2 bedrooms and the living room over the summer and I still do not have an art on the walls. I'm saying it here..I will have art hanging on the walls by the end of March. 

In the mean time I've been collecting ideas and mentally preparing myself. When I need a little design kick in the pants

Always does it. Even when the home featured is not my taste, it always gets me thinking. A few weeks ago on one of my favorite blog SF Girl by the Bay posted the Selby photos of Olaf Hajek. Olaf is a wonderful artist out of Berlin. His illustrations are beyond amazing!



If my previous post was not clear enough I LOVE Kate Spade. I'm not necessarily obsessed with her product but rather her style. She has everything just so, embraces color, season, and to be clear if anyone want's to gift me any Kate product I'll gladly accept and will send a hand written thank you in a very timely  manner.

Apartment Therapy posted this a few years back.


I wanted to know what all this was about and voila..Kate did her own step by step.


So between Maxwell at AT and John at KS I'll have my own salon style wall by the end of March.

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