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Dressing up the walls

My home has no artwork on the walls. It is not for a lack of art, I went to an arts college so I am overflowing with art. When we moved in 4 years ago I did not hang anything because I was going to paint. I finally painted 2 bedrooms and the living room over the summer and I still do not have an art on the walls. I'm saying it here..I will have art hanging on the walls by the end of March. 

In the mean time I've been collecting ideas and mentally preparing myself. When I need a little design kick in the pants

Always does it. Even when the home featured is not my taste, it always gets me thinking. A few weeks ago on one of my favorite blog SF Girl by the Bay posted the Selby photos of Olaf Hajek. Olaf is a wonderful artist out of Berlin. His illustrations are beyond amazing!



If my previous post was not clear enough I LOVE Kate Spade. I'm not necessarily obsessed with her product but rather her style. She has everything just so, embraces color, season, and to be clear if anyone want's to gift me any Kate product I'll gladly accept and will send a hand written thank you in a very timely  manner.

Apartment Therapy posted this a few years back.


I wanted to know what all this was about and voila..Kate did her own step by step.


So between Maxwell at AT and John at KS I'll have my own salon style wall by the end of March.

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