mourning the weekend

Mondays seem to always sneak up on us here at MC leaving us a bit sad that another weekend has passed and often in the whirlwind of life we can't even remember what we did. So stop by on Mondays for a quick weekend recap and we encourage you to reflect on a few of the small moments from your weekend before the vanish into the busyness of the week ahead. 

WIth a new baby in our home our weekends have shifted gears quite a bit. The days of impromptu late night shows, afternoon cocktails at bars, and sleeping in until noon are pushed to the back of the closet right next to my impractically high heels. With all these changes we have welcomed intimate dinners with friends at home, morning walks in the Oakland Hills with the dogs, and mid-afternoon naps with the newest member of our family, Archer. 

Being new at this parenting while running a home and business has left us a little helpless and a lot hungry when dinner time rolls around. Lucky for us we have talented and generous friends that have been surrounding us and Friday was no exception. Our good friend and record player collaborator Ben and his talented (and also pregnant with Archer's soon to be playmate) wife Bethany came and and spoiled us with the most perfect dinner of salmon. Bethany crafted the most spring filled salads that I'll be replicating this week, asparagus with a kumquat vinaigrette and  green beans with cherry tomatoes. 

Saturday was filled with a little of this and that. We got our lil babe checked by the midwife, lunch with the uncles at our favorite taco place, quiches dropped off by a good friend and as I'm sure you have guessed a dinner in bed with Archer and ....Quiche. 

Sunday's are not a day of rest around here. With a home remodel in full force we had my brother and father in law over to continue the work. Justin, Archer, Kayou and Honey did get to escape for a quick bagel and walk in the hills.  

This past weekend has inspired a few things, spring veggie salads, fancy chickens, naps in the sun and hikes where the sea and mountains meet. 

Posted on March 24, 2014 .