Less is more in a world where more is more

It is a predicament that many small retailers face. I want to succeed and thrive and the only way to do that is SELL, SELL, SELL. 

In my own life I'm trying to embrace the less is more, quality or quantity and with a babe in the mix I just can't spend like I used to nor can I continue to pull all the itty bitty bits out of his mouth . I've also come to a point where having a few things that I love and cherish and creating a cohesive collection is much more satisfying then having one of everything. Since Ace's arrival my ability to search high and low and have a vast collection of products has all but disappeared. I may have been seen once or twice sprinting through estate sales with a babe strapped to the front of me knowing that my time is limited so I snatch my must haves and move on opposed to this time last year where I was slowly waddling and sifting through every nook and cranny. 

Are you still reading? (for a lady with a baby you sure are rambling and now talking to yourself) So what does this all mean for Modern Commissary? Over the next week I'll be uploading a bunch of new products that currently make the cut. Items that I would treasure, use, display, and continue to love well after the holidays have passed and the gag gifts have made there way to the donate pile. I'll also be featuring people and companies that I just can't get enough of. 


Posted on December 4, 2014 .