50% off all Pitchers 12/4/13-12/6/13

We LOVE decorating with and therefore gifting pitchers. So our top 5 uses:

1. Beverages. Duh. 

I know this is a given but really I love to use a vintage pitcher to pour seasonal     cocktails. I think our silver art deco set is screaming for spiked eggnog.  

2. Flowers.

Why oh why do flowers continue to come in ugly, clear glass, made in China, and never to be used again vases? Another major plus to using a stunning, unique, vintage pitcher is that the flowers can be simple and let the vessel sing. West German pottery is something that is beautiful on its own that slipping some simple dried lotus pods or tall pussy willow branches. 

3. Desk Storage. 

In the land of laptops having a Dansk Kobenstyle pitcher filled with your favorite pens (sharpies, color pencils, perfectly sharpened no.2 pencils) and some blank paper on my desk always gets my creative juices flowing it also keeps you from the "hold on, let me find a pen" while on the phone. 

4. Adding a pop of color or texture.

With all the greys (dove, whale, fog) and off whites and taupes a pop of color and texture can really change the look of a shelf, table, or mantel. Another major plus to a vessel that is display worthy and functional, it is not taking up valuable cabinet space. 

5. Adding a vintage touch to modern tabletop. 

My first set of dishes were a lovely shade of olive green. I loved them and still enjoy my morning coffee out of the lone surviving mug. As my culinary skills have improved I have subscribed to the idea that food looks and therefore tastes best off a clean slate so now all my dinner plates are white. I am not about to abandoned my crisp dishes but I do love to warm up my tablescape with vintage touches. Pitchers are meant for tabletop, a beautiful blended soup is easy to serve out of the handmade teapot and coffee service is really livened up with the art deco influenced California Pottery cream a sugar set in robins egg blue. 






Posted on December 4, 2013 .