It does not always have to be so serious

Life is serious. Jobs and children and bills and illness and the list goes on and on. I am a pile of worry on top of worry and on a good day my to do list has less then 100 items. That is life but not all things have to be this way. Some things can just be fun. My closet is  75 shades of gray but I have been trying to channel my inner 15 year old by infusing with color. You know the person that buys as much orange clothing as possible even though it does not go with anything else you own and you can't wear it to work.

This summer I have challenged myself to lighten up. Not every piece of clothing has to be appropriate for a funeral. I drank the bright color pants kool-aid.

Gap jeans yellow pants-2

I own these. I wear this and I now own a pair of flip flops that are the same color. But bright colors are nothing new..hello Vogue.

Vintage Vogue

Fun does not have to stay in your wardrobe! I'm gonna bring this blog post home (pun intended).

Accents can change a space. New lamps, pillows, throws, art, or slip covers.

Not every piece that you buy needs to be an heirloom or something that you are going to use all year long.

I love this nautical flag. Its such a statement piece and would look awesome as a window covering, as a summer time "throw" over a basic sofa, hanging on a porch to block so sun.  It's on sale for $100, what a deal:-)

How about just a pop of color on the table?

Think about some of the most recognizable artist...its not always serious and is almost always colorful.

Andy Warhol

Milton Glaser

  Pair Persimmon & Magenta Italian Lounge Chairs

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