Steamer Trunks

Have you noticed steamer trunks popping up here there and every where? They are so multi purpose! Coffee table that doubles as storage for extra blankets or board games, end of bed bench to keep the extra sets of sheets, perfect hiding spot for a game of hide and seek. I have been seeing vintage suit cases that are mounted to the wall for bar storage or with a pet bed tucked inside for a chic spot for fluffy to curl up. Growing up my mother always used steamer trunks in her bedroom. She used them for both her and my fathers bed side tables and had a large one full of goodies at the end of her bed. I loved when she would open that one. It had linens from my great grandmother and her mirror and brush set as well as other odds and ends that she could not part with but did not need under foot.

Not too long ago we happened upon an estate sale that had lots of good ones and Have been enjoying them around the house. These made the journey from Shanghai to California. When we purchased them the family had to shuffle out wedding dresses, table linens, dolls, and all the other goodies that can accumulate over the years. We are so excited to have them for sale on our site but will have a little bit of sadness when I pack them up to ship to their new home.

WWII Trunk

Early 1900's trunk

Samsonite Suitcase

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