Where have you been?

Sorry for the long hiatus. Here at Modern Commissary we have had a few months filled with buying, shipping, traveling, sipping wine with friends and perhaps watching too much baseball. We are back now and I promise to be much more consistent. Cross my heart. We have been all over this grand land and have lots of pictures and new treasures to show for it (as well as a thinner wallet). I can't get enough traveling. I love seeing places that I've been before and remember all the wonderful thing that brought me back and I love going new places and all the pleasures of experiencing something for the first time. When away from home I enjoy seeing how regions influence spaces so much and imagine where I'd live if I was to make that spot home.

Our next few post will be all about our travels the past few months and things that are in my mind a quintessentially - - - fill in the blank. First up, Seattle.

Ohh...lots of new things at www.moderncommissary.com , go check it out.


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