What way should we go and other questions maps answer.

Remember the days before Google maps, GPS, and smart phones? Put on your rose colored glasses and think of road maps, atlases, and globes  (forget about the where exactly are we,trying to fold up maps and the pleas to PLEASE stop and ask for direction).

I’ve always loved maps. Road maps that took you down the dirt road that lead you to the ma and pa junk shop and and put you at the counter of the diner with the thick chocolate shakes. The globe that I’d spin on my father's desk and learn how big and small this world really is. I have a very distinct memory of the wall between East Germany and West Germany coming down and my teacher pulling down the world map and pointing out just exactly where that was.

As we hunt for items for the shop I have a hard time passing up maps or globes. They come in the most beautiful blues, yellows, and everything in between. They have been popping up in interior design blogs and great DIY projects.I’m very excited for the maps that will be featured on our Fab.com sale tomorrow and for the globes and road maps in our shop. If you don’t get to these in time have no fear, we are ALWAYS on the hunt for them.

Modern Commissary LOVES pull down school maps. The size is perfect for a large wall, behind hind a bed, or mounted about a television hung on the wall. Here are a few from our collection that can be purchased on Fab.com.

School Map III  School Map IISchool Map I

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